Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we start this service?
This service started as a tool for developers to test sending and receiving SMS online and make phone calls using VoIP. It started being popular with the non-developer community soon. The reason other people started using this site was to protect their privacy when online services ask them for their phone numbers. Sometimes it can be very hard for users to give out their phone numbers. It can be because of the fear of getting spam calls or texts or fear of personal information being sold to the third party. Using our virtual Phone Numbers users can get free US/Canada numbers and verify accounts without using their real phone number.
Yes! It's just absolutely FREE! All the messages received by our virtual numbers will be displayed immediately on our site without any delay. We buy all our numbers directly from trusted providers and message delivery is instant. Unlike other sites that make you wait 5-10 minutes, we display messages received instantly.
Disposable phone number is as a virtual phone number, which allows you to receive calls, text sms anonymously on private numbers.
How often do you add new phone numbers?
We try to add a few new ones every three or so weeks. When we demand is really high we add new numbers weekly.
No, we display all messages as they are received. No censorship!
Absolutely No. We do not log or collect any information. This site is free and open to all.
Yes. You can receive picture messages (MMS) using
Usually, SMS are received and published within 5-10 seconds. In some cases, it may take up to 10 minutes - the most common reasons for this are the following: The service which sends the message is not doing that instantly Telecom Operator is processing request longer than usually We suggest to try again and/or try using one of the other available numbers.
#1 Global carrier redundancy
We leverage reliable global ecosystems of Tier 1 carriers and the advantages of a cloud architecture to deliver the best quality for our users.
With phone numbers available from over 30 countries, our platform's inventory lets you pick the right numbers with the right capabilities for your need.
No scheduled downtime. We deploy old and new code in parallel to test for errors and update with code fixes in service.
Patch to update responsive behaviour for iPhone 11.
Bug fix: infinte sub category bug fix
Beta v1.0 launch
+1.435.213.4546 [Expired]

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