A number of reasons to use our Free SMS Platform?

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A growing number of websites, social media platforms, online stores, services have started using text messages to register and confirm authorization by sending an SMS on cell phone numbers.

2FA is great if you would like to protect meaningful data on your account, but it does have drawbacks. Spammers will fill your phone up the ads and “hot deals” taking up valuable resources away.

Other times you might now want to give your number out to serves you will use just one time.

Another interesting use case is when you want to be anonymous and sign up for services like Facebook or a forum.

Our platform provides free SMS numbers, anyone can use to register on the website without giving out your actual number, ensuring you against intrusive beahviour.

The advantages do not end here. Free SMS also allows:

  • Obtaining multiple accounts on specific websites.
  • Bypassing geography-specific restrictions.

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